It is good to know your work is appreciated. Here are some past clients talking about their life story books and memoirs.

Thank you for making my life so much more interesting in ‘A Tapestry of Memories’. I have loved telling my stories to you...This was the first step I took outside my home in the four years since my husband, Ted, had died and your regular story telling sessions helped me to regain my confidence with people again.


Thank you, my dear, and I wish you well in helping others to save their life stories.

Margaret Crowe

Adelaide, South Australia

“Annie, you were my first mentor and are still my hero in the Association of Personal Historians. I credit much of my "can do" to your excellence, integrity, and example.  Anything I achieve, at least partly, reflects on your impact in my life.


I am forever grateful to you for helping me to become a professional personal historian.”

Sam Uhl


A long time ago I was listening to Dad telling one of his many stories to my boys and, as I saw the rapt attention on their faces, I thought to myself “Somebody ought to write this stuff down”.


So the idea was formed to pull together this compendium of his memories and life stories, comprising many stories, songs and probably more than a little bit of BS as well!


I was surprised... that you had extracted stories in his book, ‘A Fruity Melodrama,’ that I had never heard. Who knew, after... years of listening to Dad’s stories, there would still be more!


Thanks for a great book.

Gavin Robinson

Tokyo, Japan

My Dad… started talking about his experiences as a young Able Bodied Seaman in the RN during WWII a few weeks before his 90th birthday in 2010 and mentioned the sinking of the ‘Lancastria’ by German bombers.


I contacted Annie ...and asked her to interview and write Dad’s war experiences so that my brother and I could give his life story to him for his birthday.


Annie did this plus extensive background research about the bombing of the ‘Lancastria’, which was hushed up during the war due to the huge loss of lives.


We were thrilled with the resulting book.

Mary Pritchard

Perth, Western Australia

I was sceptical at first when my son said that he would like to record my life story but once I met Annie and she explained the whole process to me I was quite enthusiastic.

I loved preparing for the interviews, collecting photos and documents I had not looked at for years; it really helped me put my whole life into perspective and the book turned out to be everything I had hoped for.

Rex Gillett

Adelaide, South Australia

I was delighted to meet and work with Annie Payne during the time she spent interviewing me about my life story – “Just a Shovel and Spade Girl”.


My son commissioned her after hearing her speak on ABC Radio Perth about the importance of writing and preserving love letters.  Everyone who has read my story says that it ‘sounds’ like me and that was important to us.

Chum L

Perth, Western Australia

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