Meet Annie

Your stories are the leaves, buds and blossom on your family tree.


Hi! I am a personal historian with a passion for helping people gather, organise and preserve their life stories. I've been doing this work for over thirty years and I have yet to hear a dull or boring story.

My specialties are interviews and life story books. As a former psychiatric and geriatric nurse I relate easily to older people and over the years I have done countless interviews around Australia and (via FaceTime and Skype) the world.

Writing is my forte. I work to capture the "voice" of the storyteller, so the book reads as if he or she is speaking. Families often say "that sounds just like Dad etc" as they read. 


Good outcomes come from close collaboration. I'd love to learn about you and the project you have in mind. Today there are many different ways in which stories can be saved, so why not get in touch and perhaps we can save your stories before time passes and memories fade?



Mary Pritchard,


My Dad… started talking about his experiences as a young Able Bodied Seaman in the RN during WWII a few weeks before his 90th birthday...

Chum Ladyman,


I was delighted to meet and work with Annie Payne during the time she spent interviewing me about my life story – “Just a Shovel and Spade Girl”.

Rex Gillett,


I was sceptical at first when my son said that he would like to record my life story but once I met Annie and she explained the whole process to me I was quite enthusiastic.

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