History from the Heart Welcomes You

I'm Annie Payne


I am a personal historian and life story writer.

I help people save

the stories of their life before time passes and memories fade.


History from the Heart exists to help people turn their memories into unforgettable life stories. 

My clients want more than a family tree with names and dates. They want to know the real stories of their grandparents and parents; why life changing decisions were taken and how the family survived the bad times as well as the good.

And, they do not want to have to do it in 20 or 30 years time when their children ask them about their grandparents' lives and the family history. 


A bicentennial project in 1988  led me into a career as a life story writer, biographer, blogger and author.


I have written many life stories and memoirs, obituaries and eulogies plus several books.


All this in a period that has stretched from typewriter to laptop, from galley proofs to digital images, online publishing and family websites. 


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