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  • Please get in touch when you need to find out more about gathering, organising and preserving your family history, we're only too happy to help.
  • Do you know the difference between family history and personal history? Are you one of those who think that genealogy is all that is needed to produce a family history? What is a legacy story? This is your chance to find out the answers to these and other questions.
  • I have never come across a "boring" story in almost 25 years. Here are a few stories from my library - names changed but sentiments timeless.
  • Gwyn was a very gracious old (94 years old) lady in every sense of the word. Her grandfather arrived in the colony of South Australia as a young curate to assist the Church of England Bishop and community in Adelaide.
  • As I sat down with Wally to start the interview, his wife Joan came into the room and dumped a cardboard carton on the table beside me. “Don’t forget to ask him about all of these,” she said.
  • Dulcie was in her early 90’s when I talked to her about her early life as a seamstress for a ‘lady’s frock salon’ in the city.
  • Doug was a delightful Scot whose father had been a diver in the Royal Navy during WWI, based at Scarpa Flow, where he welded and repaired ships underwater.
  • As a newly trained teacher, a single year of training in those days, Eliza was appointed to Wudinna (country South Australia) as her first primary school placing.
  • You stand before the family history mountain. There are many ways to the summit, some costly, some hard and some devious. Let Annie share the benefit of her vast experience with you so you identify your goal, learn new skills and avoid expensive diversions.
  • If you are looking for ideas and inspiration when it comes to writing your family history then why not consult Annie Payne - one of Australia’s leading personal and family historians? It's a great way to stay focused by having a shoulder to lean upon.
  • It's hard to do everything on your own when it comes to writing your family history. There are so many different things to consider and that's when you need someone to turn to. Annie Payne offers a personalised one on one coaching service to help you stay on track.
  • It's hard to do everything on your own when it comes to writing your family history. There are so many different things to consider and that's when you need someone to turn to. Annie Payne offers a personalised one on one coaching service to help you stay on track.
  • It's hard to do everything on your wn when it comes to writing your family history. There are so many different things to consider and that's when you need someone to turn to. Annie Payne offers a personalised one on one coaching service to help you stay on track.
  • Memory triggers, love letters, unlocking your family stories and more - these are some of the subjects Annie covers in her speaking engagements.
  • Here are some great ideas to help you with your personal or family history. The biggest thing is to actually begin and Annie gives you some ideas on how the gather, organise and preserve your family history.
  • Think of your family stories as the leaves and fruit on your family tree. Without stories your family tree will be pretty bare - just names, places and dates. Gathering and preserving these stories is what family history is about.
  • Parents and Grand Parents, especially the latter, have a lifetime of memories to share. Now is the time to collect these stories. Why not get the kids to interview your parents? There is a special magic in the questions and the stories.
  • Do you know your family stories could last for up to 7 generations - that's the year 2200? That's right - 200 years into the future. You are writing and recording for these generations adding layers of stories to make the tapestry that is your family history.
  • Interviewing family members is often not as easy as many think. There are hidden issues, family secrets and broken relationships that can cause problems when it comes to finding out the real story.
  • History from the Heart Memory cards help you get the stories behind the stories by helping you create a person specific interview. If you want an interview as opposed to an interrogation then Annie’s Memory Cards are just what you need.
  • Just as every journey starts with a single step so your family history begins with a story about a person. It then grows with more stories and more people You add birth, marriage and death certificates plus photos and other memorabilia - all of a sudden you need some organisation.
  • Timelines for an individual and a family are important tools to keep track of the people and the events that have been important in your family history. Often, the impact of certain events doesn't become clear until you see it in a timeline.
  • Photographs are the windows of your life. If you do nothing else why not pick out 10 or 20 photos that have some significance to you, write a few words about each and you have an illustrated personal history.
  • Find out how to date photos when all you have is the photo itself - nothing written on the back.
  • In the digital age we still have many photographs in family albums and they are our family history too. Scanners and photo enhancement software has made it easy to digitise our precious family photos, the trick is to pick the best and most meaningful ones.
  • Today there are many ways in which you can preserve your family history so that it will be available to future generations of your family. There are life story books, albums and scrapbooks, audio and video, legacy letters and, most exciting of all, online family history storage.
  • Legacy Letters or Ethical Wills are another form of preserving your life story. By writing about your beliefs, your values and experiences in a letter format to family memners you are encapsulating your life and leaving a powerful message.
  • There is so much information about family history on the internet. As we discover relevant sites and information we add them to our Resources page.
  • Here are some downloads to help you with your personal or family history project. As I come across others I will add them to this page.
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