Stories For Inspiration

"Your story, it’s not boring and ordinary, by the way. We just get the one life, you know. Just one. You can’t live someone else’s or think it’s more important just because it’s more dramatic. What happens matters, maybe only to us, but it matters".
                                                                     from the movie Ghost Town

What's Your Story?
In over 20 years as a personal and family historian I have yet to come across a "boring" story.

There have been stories of hardship, of mateship, of drought and depression. Stories too of happiness, success and migration to a new land. Everybody has a story - what's yours?

Here are some I have been privileged to record - reproduced with the permission of the owners with names altered to preserve privacy.

From each of these stories questions and thoughts arise about life and standards of a time gone by. Stage coaches, generously cut wedding gowns, the bravery of the early deep sea divers, transportation by coastal steamer and much more besides.

  • Gwyneth's Tale
    Gwyn was a very gracious old (94 years old) lady in every sense of the word. Her grandfather arrived in the colony of South Australia as a young curate to assist the Church of England Bishop and community in Adelaide.
  • Wally's Cricket Balls
    As I sat down with Wally to start the interview, his wife Joan came into the room and dumped a cardboard carton on the table beside me. “Don’t forget to ask him about all of these,” she said.
  • Dulcie's Dresses
    Dulcie was in her early 90’s when I talked to her about her early life as a seamstress for a ‘lady’s frock salon’ in the city.
  • Doug the Diver
    Doug was a delightful Scot whose father had been a diver in the Royal Navy during WWI, based at Scarpa Flow, where he welded and repaired ships underwater.
  • Eliza's Shipwreck
    As a newly trained teacher, a single year of training in those days, Eliza was appointed to Wudinna (country South Australia) as her first primary school placing.


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