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"History can be formed from permanent monuments and records; but lives can only be written from personal knowledge, which is growing every day less, and in a short time is lost forever".                                          - Samuel Johnson ( 1709 – 1784) 
                                                              English author often called Dr. Johnson

Procrastination is Enemy#1.

It is easy to put things off for a whole host of reasons. The trouble is that what's out of sight is out of mind until something happens and then time is at a premium.

Building your family history is a big task - no one denies that - and the best way to tackle it is a little bit at a time, story by story.

A story every two weeks is 26 a year - that's quite an achievement. What's more get some help - no one said that it is has to be a solo effort. The more who contribute the more complete and "rounded" your family history will be.

  • Gather Your Stories | Family Stories | Family Memories | Family Tree
    Think of your family stories as the leaves and fruit on your family tree. Without stories your family tree will be pretty bare - just names, places and dates. Gathering and preserving these stories is what family history is about.
  • Organise Your Stories | Family Heirlooms | Family Keepsakes
    Just as every journey starts with a single step so your family history begins with a story about a person. It then grows with more stories and more people You add birth, marriage and death certificates plus photos and other memorabilia - all of a sudden you need some organisation.
  • Preserve Your Stories
    Today there are many ways in which you can preserve your family history so that it will be available to future generations of your family. There are life story books, albums and scrapbooks, audio and video, legacy letters and, most exciting of all, online family history storage.

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