What’s the difference between Consulting and Coaching?

It’s a good question; both involve working to reach a solution or achieve a goal but the methods are different as shown below:

The consultant is an expert and brings the knowledge and expertise to the problem to find a solution.
The coach guides the client in a journey of self-discovery by using the right questions.
Consultants help solve the client's immediate problems by teaching to develop knowledge and expertise
Coaches focus on the client’s “big picture” (the dream of a memorable family history) and helps to make it come true.
Consulting generally focuses on the specific question or problem at hand.
Coaching focuses on the client’s whole project.
Consultants may take care of specific work for the client or provide a part of the solution.
Coaches do none of the work, they help the client focus on what is needed.
Consulting is usually short term, businesslike and professional.
Coaching takes longer, is creative and often has a spirit of adventure.

As you can see they are different and it comes down to what you need and want.

Contact me now and we can decide the best approach for you because each family is different.
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