"When you do the things that you can do, you will find a way."
                                                                                — A.A. Milne

As a personal and family history coach, I work with two different kinds of people:

  • those who have started their family history and find that "they cannot see the wood for the trees". They are getting bogged down in details, or they have met some obstacles - a mental road block, family resistance etc;
  • and those who want to do things differently with a touch more creativity so their readers in the future will clearly see what life is like today. Their stories will live for 7 generations.

Every family is different so I work hard to understand what you need from me. Some want  challenges; others need to develop their skills and learn new techniques. 

Family Story Keepers do not need to be great writers they just need to be able to write their own stories in an interesting way. 
Making Memories
If you’ve been thinking about starting your family history, if you have ideas and stories but you can’t bring yourself to put them down on paper, then we can work together to create techniques and disciplines that will actually get you gathering, organising and recording your family stories.

No two people are the same and every person I’ve worked with has different needs when it comes to helping them create a meaningful personal or family history. This means we will be working together to come up with what works for you.

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Coaching Fees

Once per month:

$150 or $500 for four consecutive months (saving $100)

Twice per month:

$300 per month or $1,800 for six months, or $3,600 for twelve months (saving $400 – $800)

I can work with clients worldwide. Most sessions take place on Skype and calls usually last 60 minutes and we'll meet once or twice per month with unlimited email support between calls.

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